Professional Development

Orloff CAJE collaborates with Jewish schools, synagogues and institutions in Broward County to advance Jewish education, Jewish experiences and Jewish life. Orloff CAJE supports effective Jewish education (in both formal and informal settings) and promotes transformational and professional learning for area educators and trainers. We offer:

  • Professional learning opportunities for Jewish educators in day schools, synagogues, early childhood centers and informal youth settings.
  • Subsidies to assist teaching staff in Jewish educational settings (including general studies staff of day schools) to participate in international, national and regional conferences, courses, seminars, symposia and online learning.
  • Partnerships with Gratz College, Jewish Theological Seminary’s Davidson School of Education other leading institutions which bring state-of-the-art practices to teachers in Broward County.
  • Access to learn about educational technologies such as Shalom Learning, Sefaria, JETS Israel, JI Tapp and more.

For additional information, contact Judy Levenson, Director of Educational Excellence & Teen Initiatives at or 954-660-2076.

Download the Professional Stipend Reimbursement Form

  • Gratz Advance’s NEXT Program

    Gratz Advance’s NEXT program was established to address what is next for you in your own professional growth, what you need to know and what tools you need to become the teacher you want to be. NEXT Professional Learning Program for Supplementary School Teachers is offering online classes for teachers outside the Philadelphia area for $75 per three-week class, $100 per four-week class, $150 per six-week class, $200 per eight-week class.  Education directors are encouraged to contact NEXT to arrange for group discounts. With three teachers enrolled, a fourth teacher may register at no charge. CLICK HERE for more info.

    Additionally, Orloff Department of Jewish Education and Engagement is subsidizing $50 toward the cost of all NEXT programs, contingent upon support from the Broward County institution in which a teacher works. This subsidy is made possible through a grant from Jewish Federation of Broward County. By accepting the support, the teacher(s) will come to a meet-up of all participants and will present reflections of the impact that the participation has made as a successful Jewish educator.

    Teachers should apply for the subsidy prior to taking the course(s) and with the approval of their education director. Upon completion of the course, you may apply for reimbursement from Orloff Department of Jewish Education and Engagement by completing the Professional Stipend Reimbursement Form.